Biometric Technologies

Biometric technologies offer reliable, faster, and efficient techniques of human identification and authentication through fingerprint scanner, iris scanner, facial recognition readers and palm scanner .

Our biometric technologies render high-performance security solutions utilizing an individual's physiological characteristics that include fingerprint impression, face detection, palm-vein recognition and iris identification. The cutting-edge biometric technologies employing unique physical traits are applicable to multiple sectors ranging from Health care, Education, Agriculture, Airports, Large to small Enterprises, Aviation, Hotels, Banking and Finance, Government agencies and social welfare schemes, Insurance, Retail, Manufacturing, Law Enforcement to Hospitality and Tourism.

a. Fingerprint scanner: the fingerprint technique is deem to be the most human authentication and verification process.

b. Palm-vein scanner: utilize palm-vein technology to identify and authenticate an individual by capturing his palm vein pattern.

c. Face recognition: identifies or verifies a person based on the still image or video of a face captured via facial recognition systems.

d. Iris Scanner: is one of the saftest processes of human verification & authentication that utilize a person’s one or both the irises.

An iris scanner uniquely identifies an individual by capturing the image of his retina to match it with the stored retinal image in the database.