Telematics system includes a vehicle tracking device installed in a vehicle that allows the sending, receiving and storing of telemetry data. It connects via the vehicle’s own onboard diagnostics or CAN-BUS port with a SIM card, and an onboard modem enables communication through a wireless network.

The device collects GPS data as well as an array of other vehicle-specific data and transmits it via GPRS (General Packet Radio Service), 4G mobile data and cellular network or satellite communication to a centralized server. The server interprets the data and enables it to be displayed for end users via secure websites and apps optimized for smartphones and tablets.

The telematics data captured can include location, speed, idling time, harsh acceleration or braking, fuel consumption, vehicle faults, driving and driver behavior, and more. When analyzed for particular events and patterns, this information can provide in-depth insights across an entire fleet.